Goodridge Veterans Memorial

Goodridge Veterans Memorial


                           "Red, White & Blue"


                    Jamie Eischens and Rich Henrickson 

       "Twins 500 or Better" with "Maurs Mush" chili       Nate Peters, David Lovly, Bethany Hagman & Mike Lovly

"The Tipsy Tailgators" with "Perfect Tailgating Chili"

Charissa Larson, Cynthia Jensen, Danette Jensen, & Mary Lundeen



                      "Rebel Chili"

            Bryan Bjerklie & Ben Hanson


              "Salos Sassy Salsa Chili"

      Chesney, Courtney, Jason, Jorja Salo

   "CGS" (Country Side Grill) chili name "Fiesta Chili"

         Kathy Nordine, Harry Farris, Mike Nordine

                "Mama Smileys Chili"

                     Angela Phillips

Volunteers Ellie Horachek & Lorraine Stenvik at the raffles



     Chili Cook Off Judges

Thank you to Glenise Johnson, Judy Jones and Gail Kotrba for volunteering to judge the contest.  It must have been a difficult decision to determine the winners.

and the awards go to...............


      "Best Chili" award- Courtney & Jason Salo "Salos Sassy Salsa Chili"


"Runner Up" award- Angela Phillips- "Mama Smileys"


"Best Presentation" award - Harry Farris "Country Side Grill"


"Peoples Choice" award- Courtney & Jason Salo "Salos Sassy Salsa Chili"